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Online coaching

Receive your specialized program written just for you, for your needs, wants, injuries, equipment available etc, weekly via an app, with daily reminders, video demonstrations, daily check in’s.

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In-Person Personal training

I come to your house with my own equipment, delivering interactive workouts, including HIIT, circuit training, boxing, running, stretching and mobility.

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CWF Challenges

An 8-week training program to get you fitter, faster and stronger that you follow with a group of like minded women from anywhere in the world.

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Video Training 1-1

Using Video call technology to guide training sessions from anywhere in the world!

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Who is "Carla West"
We walk the road to holistic well-being rep, one step at a time.

South African born and raised certified Exercise Specialist, Sports conditioner, Group instructor, Health and wellness blogger, an avid runner, gym goer and yoga enthusiast. Without all that jargon I could probably describe myself as a ‘Movement addict’, I can’t sit still, I relax when I’m moving my body and I have a very short attention span. Hence this little passion project where I can express my creative side, my love for writing and force myself to sit still once in a while.

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