Blog launch and life update!


Yay, I’m launching a blog! This has been a long time coming and a lot of work has gone into creating this little blog; I have to admit that it has been a real challenge to motivate myself to do this and stick to it! I am a perfectionist (and let’s be honest, a bit scared) and it’s big step to put yourself out there in this way!

This blog has a little bit of everything:

  • A blog where I can ramble about health related topics to my heart’s content.
  • A few recipes here and there.
  • An About Me/FAQ section for if you want to get your creep on.
  • A Services section where you can find out about how I can be your coach.
  • A contact form so you can make inquiries, ask to collaborate, or just send me a burning question.

I really hope you like it, if you have any feedback or suggestions please do let me know.

Now that I have explained the blog, I think it is time for a little life update.

I am qualified international personal trainer currently living in Stuttgart, Germany working at an amazing gym called “Puls fit und wellness club”. I am from South Africa and have previously worked and lived in London. Since I’ve been in Germany I’ve learnt German from scratch doing a full time course for 3 months before starting to work in Reutlingen. I worked there for a year improving my German before starting to work in Stuttgart. I studied at ETA (Exercise teacher’s academy) in Stellenbosch South Africa in 2012 and 2013.

In terms of training and nutrition, if you have been keeping up to date with my social media you will know that I am currently at the happiest stage of my life, mentally and physically. I am currently training for a half marathon that I will take part in December, am enjoying life, training when I want and how I want in the gym. I personally enjoy all types of training, I love teaching functional body weight exercise classes, I enjoy weight training and growing the booty, I love Olympic lifts, and I do a body combat class every Thursday night that include elements of muay thai, karate, kick boxing ect. (Which really makes me feel like a bad ass) And then of course running will always be my one big love. I am training hard, eating clean and being consistent. If you want more information about how I am doing this, keep your eyes glued on the blog.

Right, so now I have updated you on my life, training, nutrition and my brand spanking new blog; I think it is time to ask for your opinion. What would you like me to blog about? I was thinking that I could maybe interview some key people in the fitness industry, share nutrition and training tips, post reviews of healthy restaurants and even style some fitness lookbooks. Let me know your thoughts by sending me a tweet, a facebook message or a instagram comment.

Carla xxx


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