Life update February 2017 

You ready for one big ol’ ramble?
I know it’s only February  but I thought I’d share what’s been going on in my life this year so far, from travels to work to future plans.
January was great, but February started with a bang. In the first week of February I’ve managed to accept a job at a new gym, quit my current job, tick my first travel destination of the year off the list, see my best friend whose always traveling the world. And to say it was a bit over whelming is a understatement, as everything was very spontaneous and last minute. (I know, another new job, another city, I think its getting boring to my family and readers by now)
I thought I would add this as this is the month of love, and no we haven’t done anything for  Valentine’s Day yet. But me and my boyfriend celebrated our 3 year anniversary in January, and after my birthday in November, Christmas in December, Anniversary in January I think we are over presents and celebrating by now, we celebrate Valentine’s Day everyday haha (corny)
From the 1st of March I will be back in Reutlingen again working at a small personal training studio called PT Reutlingen. I think after 4 big box gyms it’s time to “settle down” and work at a bit of a slower pace. I wasn’t even looking for a job when this offer was given to me and it was quite a shock, but I applied to this gym my second day I arrived in Germany, without speaking a word of German and now 2,5 years later she (one of the owners) remembered me and we decided to work together.
If you couldn’t already tell by my Amsterdam post, it was an absolute dream. I was so lucky to be out there with a truly awesome group of people from Fashion potluck. Future travel plans will definitely be somewhere tropical and warm though, this winter is just getting too long. Read my previous post (Finding Motivation in Winter). We are having my sister and her boyfriend over in June and then heading to Italy which I am very excited about, but I don’t even know if I’ll make it till then. Maybe I’ll convince my boyfriend to come with me someone warmer in Spring or something.
I know I’ve promised a YouTube Q&A but I just couldn’t get my camera to film me properly, i don’t have a flip up screen and i just couldn’t get myself in focus, but I’m in the process of selling my camera for something smaller that can fit in my hand bag, and with a flip out screen. If anyone has any suggestions please comment them below! That will then hopefully mean more workout videos, more YouTube content and better photos for my blog. Because I never have my camera with me and when I do I am traveling and flying with a 3rd bag which really annoys me! Till then I might just film it on my phone when I get the time.I’m also planning on upgrading my blog in March, oooooh getting serious haha and drop the and get my own domain name. I am enjoying blogging and the feedback so so much! So keep a look out for that!
Aaaaand I’m planning on releasing an eBook in spring! To kick start your fitness journey for summer, I’ll be doing the workout plan as well because I need to get this butt into shape, this winter has not been treating me well and I won’t be seen dead in a bikini right now. I hope you girls feel my pain? Or am I the only one?
Anyway, that’s all the updates for now. Thanks for catching up with me!
All my love ❤

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