DSC_0675Moody Monday

So I always have Mondays off, it’s my day to reset. I’m home alone all day, cleaning the flat, organizing, cooking for the week ahead, writing blog posts and planning my week ahead. But this Monday….was a fail. Although I sat in front of my laptop for about 8 hours, not a single Blog post was written. I have so many posts in my drafts but just nothing that spoke to me, that I felt passionate enough to share. But now a week later, and no Blog posts posted in a week. I’m back 🙂


Back to work I go, covering a lunch trainer shift for someone at Hugo boss head offices where I work as a trainer once a week, a break and then off to my my normal work (another gym) till 8 pm.


Arrived at the gym (the gym I train at) at 7 am in the morning, and although I only worked at 10 am I wanted to give myself enough time to go through my trainings plan slowly, do my cardio in advance for Thursday and take some time to stretch and that’s exactly what I did. That night I finished work at 8 pm and rushed home to pack for FIBO the next day.


3:30 am wake up and we are off to FIBO… It was all smooth sailing and we went straight to the convention. We got there at about 10 am in the morning and it was still very quit and amazing! (Full post about FIBO coming soon)

unnamed (1)


… wake up at 8 am and we were at Fibo again the whole day.

Hitting the highways on a Friday afternoon on the start of Spring holidays, it took us 5 and half hours to get home!! We got home at 7 pm, I went straight to bed to get to work the next day.



Working the whole day, did some shopping as I kind of lost half my make up while packing for FIBO and then coming straight home to catch up on sleep again! (I use my weekends to catch up on sleep apparently, I’m not always this boring I swear haha)


It felt like one of the best days I’ve had this year, I finally woke up energized after the last few days, but with the dirtiest flat I’ve ever seen, mountains of dirty washing that I haven’t even unpacked yet. So I got up and got to it, I felt super productive, cleaned everything, sorted out all my bathroom cupboards, and got all the washing done. Today was about 28 degrees, so by lunch time we heading out.

I put on my new suede shoes, making my boyfriend promise were just walking to the ice cream parlor (100 m away), last minute he suggests the bikes, so I make him promise no silly adventures, and what happened 10 min later….. we were doing jumps at the local park, with my cream suede shoes. But they survived.

We then stood about 30min in line to get ice cream, ate our ice cream and jumped in the car to drive to the river near our house. Took a blanket and lied down in the sun. The perfect Sunday and the perfect end to the week.

unnamed (2)
Me and my pasty legs 😛

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