Reflecting on being 23

So, it has come to that time when we look ahead to the following year, set new goals and write down our resolutions. However, I just celebrated my 24th birthday while sick on the couch 2 weeks ago and I think it is equally as valuable to reflect on the previous 12 months, the experiences I had, the memories I made and the lessons I learned.

Being 23 was definitely a kind of average year for me, and I don’t feel like i achieved much, but as soon as I start listing some things that happened this last year I want to smack myself over the head. This was an amazing year with so many highlights. I’m gonna share a few with you guys, not because I feel I am the most amazing person on the planet, but to put it in perspective for myself and to appreciate the little things, and to look back on one day.

2016 I’ve changed jobs,

after multiple issues at my old company a friend of mine pushed me 110% to apply to a company in Stuttgart whose website I have been stalking since I moved to Germany, but never ever thought of applying at because they will never ever hire someone like me with my bad German. And now 6 months in, and traveling quite far everyday, I have to say it influenced my year so much working there and I really am enjoying it.

2016 was also the year that I launched this blog. Now it’s definitely not a career yet but I do hope to make it PART of my career one day. It was a long time coming and it has become a favorite little project of mine that I pour my heart and soul into.

My People

In 2016 I don’t think I’ve ever had so little friends. But you know what, it’s me. I’ve gotten to a certain age and mentality that if you don’t support, or bring out the best in me. I would rather be alone. And that’s okay! I value my time alone so so much more. I think I use to organize so many coffee dates etc with people I didn’t even like because I thought I needed to be social. I think my boyfriend enjoys my new mind set as well because he doesn’t need to here be vent about people that bring me down all the time. I love my little power pack of friends that honestly believe in me more than I believe in myself! People I will move mountains for and who i know would do the same for me.



For me, 2016 was the year of opportunities. Opportunities that I never imagined that I would ever ever get! One of the main ones has been travel – I have been lucky enough to travel extensively this year although I honestly didn’t plan most of it. Nothing makes me happier than going on an adventure, and to travel with my family, my boyfriend, my mom, my best friends. This year has been an extreme blessing. I started the year saying this is going to be the worst year, I’m not going to travel anywhere because I won’t have any time off. And now ticking camping in Germany in a Forrest, a weekend in cologne, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Barcelona, London, and Budapest of the list, I definitely traveled a lot more than I expected. I also had the opportunity to go to FIBO, I don’t know if I will ever go again, but still it was an amazing opportunity. And the same with the Strong man run, which I feel like I mention all the time, but honestly, just looking at the little medal we got for finishing it, I get emotional. I’ve never done anything that hard, although I continue saying how easy it was, but there were moments in between where I had to bite my lip not to cry, I wanted to cry half way, I wanted to cry the last 5km when I was cramping, and I wanted to cry when I saw there was 1 km left, I didn’t know if I could run another kilometer. But we did, and then at the end, I didn’t even cry because I was that happy and relieved. But just putting myself through that mentally, I think I need to do something like that again soon, because you honestly feel like you can conquer the world after that. 🙂


Lets get a bit personal. When I originally decided to study fitness or move to Germany, you could say that my parents weren’t very pleased. They never told me to not do it, but they definitely questioned me. This year I have made it my mission to prove to my parents that I have made the right decision, and I have worked my socks off to do so. As the year has unfolded, my parents have become more and more supportive of my choices and I can finally say that I think that they are proud of me and what I do. Especially with my mom visiting us and seeing my apartment with her own eyes, that I actually did learn German and can speak German haha (I don’t think they believed me because I’ve never spoken it around them), for her to come to my work and do one of my classes. And just to see and take in the life I have built for myself and maybe a bit of glimpse on why we are currently living in Germany. Their support is what makes the late nights, (and minor meltdowns) all worth it. Having my mom in Germany visiting us was definitely one of the highest moments of my year. Sharing my day to day, and then traveling with her is definitely mother and daughter goals haha. And I feel like although we are so far apart, we have gotten a lot closer this year.

Living My Dream

As well as being a year of professional growth, there has been a lot of personal growth taking place in the past 12 months. In 2016 I have come to truly accept myself – the good, the bad and the ugly. As a result, I have become more confident. I hope that in the last month of 2016 I continue to develop as a person and as a professional, continuing in 2017 and that I get to share these moments with those I care about the most – including you guys. If you are still reading this you are probably one of those few people. Here’s to a new year of being 24 and a year full of new opportunities!

How can you reflect on the last year? And how much have you changed?

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