Self-Love Morning Routine


When I was younger my mornings would be one whirlwind of hectic stress, and it still happens sometimes and I hate it. Recently I’ve tried waking up 1,5 hours before I need to leave, an no, that’s not how much time I need to get ready. But, I will have enough time to eat my breakfast in peace, drink a cup of coffee and listen to a podcasts or some music. I’ve found it’s even a bit healthier for my hair because I let it air dry a lot more and I don’t blow dry the crap out of it to get it dry as soon as possible.

This morning routine has made a massive massive change in my life so far and I challenge every person to try it.

 1. Wake up Early

2. Do not check your Phone

3. Let in some light and Fresh Air

4. Rehydrate your body with a glass of Water

5. Listen to Positive Podcasts

6. Meditate, Stretch, Practice Yoga

7. Enjoy a bowl of delicious Fresh Fruit

8. Cook yourself a Nutritious Breakfast

9. Look after your skin with a Morning Cleansing Routine

10. Give thanks, be patient and have a Lovely Day.


Challenge yourself to try this for a few days. I promise you.. this small routine will make a big difference in your life.

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