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The burning question… How to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach. 

kay here’s a long awaited and highly requested blog post…. the amount of times I’ve been messaged with girls asking me this.

I’m going to get straight into it, the truth is you need a good diet! You can do all the crunches and ab exercises, but if you have a layer of fat covering it you are never going to see it. These exercises will strengthen your core which is great but it won’t help you lose belly fat or get a flat stomach.


So if diet is key, what should you be eating then? 

It’s not just a matter of what you eat, but how much? You need to consider both of these things.

What should I eat?

You need to eat healthy, eating healthy is pretty common sense, avoid sugary drinks, processed or deep fried food.

And make sure you are eating a lot of these:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Lean protein
  • Good fats
  • Whole grain carbohydrates in moderation.

As I mention you also need to consider how much you eat. If your body only needs 2000 calories per day, and you are eating 2500 calories per day, it doesn’t matter if the 2500 calories are all clean and healthy. You will still gain weight.

How much should I eat? 

How much you should eat depends on your goals. If you are trying to maintain your weight you eat at a maintenance level. You maintenance level is how much calories your body burns throughout the day.

If you are trying to lose weight, you should eat below your maintenance level. You should aim for anywhere between 200-500 calories below your maintenance level. If you are trying to gain weight you should try and eat 200-500 calories above your maintenance level.

So how do you work out your maintenance level? There are some calculations involved but it’s pretty simple. Here are some websites that will calculate it for you as well.


Does that mean I need to count calories?

No, I do not support counting calories because it takes up to much time and could lead to obsession or even eating disorders BUT counting your calories for a few days could be beneficial to teach you how many calories are in what and how much you should be eating. You will be learning so much about the food you put in your mouth in just a few days. I recommend using the app: MyFitnessPal.


So does exercise really matter then?

Yes it does but what you eat matters MORE! But if you eat well and don’t exercise you can still lose weight, but if you exercise a lot but eat poorly you will not lose weight.

Eating healthy and exercising should go together. High intensity exercises such as interval training and cardio are great for slimming down your mid section. Where targeted ab exercises will help you get more defined abs.


I hope this answers this question once and for all!!

Comment below if you have any questions regarding nutrition or training and I will write another post in a little bit more detail.

Lots of love!!


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