Visiting Amsterdam…again

Let’s face it, as travelers, we are almost always obsessed with the idea of ‘new’. We visit certain places, have an amazing time in them and then never return because there’s so much else to see and do out there.

This need to find somewhere new is not a bad thing though… far from in fact! It’s the reason why we decided to travel in the first place – the opportunity to see somewhere new that we hadn’t before so it makes sense that we’re always in the search of fresh exciting travel plans but there’s so much to be said for returning to the familiar.


This weekend, I revisiting Amsterdam, a place I really did enjoy the first time in the summer of 2015 with my 2 best friends from South Africa and my boyfriend.

 But, I still very much believe that travel is all about experiences rather than some check-list of places one has to visit and its safe to say that so many places offer so much more than one can experience over the space of a short holiday, and the last time I was there we only spent one day in Amsterdam, did a walking tour, learnt a lot about the history and saw all the important sights but this time, I was there for 3 days, and I had a whole day to myself where it was just me and my camera and the whole day to stroll through the city.


Even when it started raining, I popped into a small cafe and drank the best coffee I’ve had in a very long time (sorry Germany, but your coffee sucks) I even had another one and then I couldn’t stop talking or shaking for the rest of the day. 🙂


It took so much pressure off to just walk where I wanted, stop where I wanted and to drink my coffee as slowly as I wanted.


Later that afternoon I met up with my best friend after work, went to go see her offices and then we strolled our way home. The best part of the trip, was spending time with a local, walking around her area, actually going into grocery stores and drinking in the little pubs, (where I apparently got judged for drinking white wine and not beer which I still don’t understand.) We danced the night away to terrible music and made memories to last a life time.


I would definitely recommend someone to travel to a place they have been before, to spend a bit more time and not to rush anything. I definitely got a different and better impression of Amsterdam the second time around, it’s a lot more than just coffee shops and the red light district.

All my love,


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