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As December creeps in it is natural to start reflecting on the year that has passed and looking ahead to the one which is to come. 2018 was ONE HELL OF A YEAR for me, there were ups and downs, highs and lows, but I have come out the other side stronger than ever. I have learnt a fair few lessons over the past 12 months, some serious and some not so serious, but I wanted to share them all with you guys in hope that they help even just one of you out.

  1. Weekends away are essential.

I traveled a lot this year with Mozambique and Europe combined, which was not even on my radar last time this year btw! But my favorite trips are little camping trips we booked in advance, doesn’t matter how busy you get, or how frustrated because I needed to do all the camping packing myself, they were booked, payed for and we needed to go. These weekends cleansed me on a soul level. Spending time just sitting by a waterfall, feeding farm animals, or relaxing in a hot spring is just what my mind and body needed throughout this year. And these and the moments I will still remember for a long time! I am determined to book all the trips far in advance in 2019!

2. Hard conversations are never as bad as you think. 

2018 has been a year of hard conversations in business and in my personal life. However, I soon realized that these conversations are never has bad as you think they’re going to be. These open and honest chats are the ones which not only clear the air but give you mental clarity and stop you being trapped in your own head. Suck it up because ultimately the sooner you have them the better. 

3. Don’t ever move away from the ocean. 

I have never spent so much time at the beach, from 6am walks with Dino, my run’s along the coast, or just to go stroll and switch off at Koelbay on a Sunday. I am addicted to the wave and sand lifestyle, I don’t think I can ever move away from it again. It is so much a part of me now and definitely where I find my peace.There is no better feeling than being surrounded by the true force and power of nature.

4. Friendships don’t get easier.

I naively assumed that as I got older that the right people would just fall into my life. Sadly, it isn’t that easy and in 2018 I have felt lonely more often than I would like to admit. This year I have kept a handful of incredible humans who enrich my life. However I have also learnt that friendships grow and develop; not everyone has your best intentions at heart and not everyone is meant to be in your life forever and that can be a hard pill to swallow. 

5. Relationships get better with age.

And this time I’m talking about partner related relationships, the person you want to build your life with. I think most of us, at my age, have finally grown out of the “I don’t know what I want to do with my life, and who I want to spend it with” phase. People are more committed, focused on fixing things and I can just see all the relationships and my own mature and blossom and it’s my favorite phase of life. People learn how to communicate, problem solve and ‘fight’ like adults. We are having real conversations, sharing past experiences and growing with each other at such an exciting and rapid pace. And little to no drama!! I am so thankful for this.

6. Success isn’t linear.

Nowadays it can be easy to assume online business is a constant upward trajectory of win after win. In 2018 I came to realize this isn’t the case. Admittedly it was a successful year overall, but I certainly had my failures. We are taught that if you work hard enough, success will come; but 2018 showed me that sometimes hard work isn’t enough and sometimes the cards don’t fall in your favor despite your best efforts, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. I (and JD) have picked me up multiples times over the past 12 months and I have always come back stronger.

7. Taking time offline is necessary. 

I always thought that I was adequately disconnecting by taking days off social media here and there, but never truly realized how much I needed an extended break. That was until I went on holiday in June and took 7 days properly offline. No browsing, no emails, no google, no social media of any kind, nothing. It was absolutely incredible and completely transformed my head space. My stress melted away, I truly lived in the moment and I formed deeper human connections. In 2019 I am determined to have another week where I complete switch off and I am already getting excited for it!

8. Nobody cares.

This is both positive and negative. Those things you’re worrying about, the ones which you think everyone else will notice? Nobody cares, they’re too focused on their own lives. This is liberating. Once you realize everyone is inside their own heads you can stop worrying so much about what they think of you. However, in 2018 I also realized that not everyone cares about your success either. During my high moments of 2018 I hoped in the back of my mind that someone would call or even just send me a celebratory message, but often times I had to celebrate by myself or with my partner.

9. There is no limit to your potential. 

In all aspects of your life; business, fitness, relationships it is NEVER TOO LATE to reinvent yourself, get your best body yet, or be the fittest and most successful you have ever been! There is nothing stopping you!

10. You never really grow up. 

You will always stay your daddy’s angel, your mother will always still cook for you and you will still wrestle you brother in the kitchen. (or is that just me?) Time goes by, but in your heart you don’t change. I can’t believe I’m 26 already, I still get it wrong when people ask me. How did that happen, I still FEEL so young. And I have a feeling I will feel like this forever. That number means nothing.

Carla xx 

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