2018 Goals with a twist!

Last year have I not only had the biggest unplanned change happen in my life, but that also caused the biggest unplanned mental shift.

The night before I got on the plane back home to South Africa I made a list, not of my goals, my bucket list or to do’s in South Africa, but a list of who I want to be when I set foot back home, who do I want Carla West to represent and stand for. (Not Carla West Fitness, because I am more than just my business)

And I want to do the same for the new year. Don’t get me wrong, the financial, fitness, personal and relationship goals list will be made, but something I want to add this year is intentions. I’ve also made a unrealistic goals list, they may sound out of this world, but the more you talk about your ‘unrealistic’ goals the more normal they start to sound, which makes them more achievable 😛

But this is what I want to share with you guys today.


What do I, Carla West want to represent in 2018. 

  • I want to be a “YES” person, someone that says yes to every adventure and figure out the hows and the means later. (I think I stuck to that pretty well since I’ve been back, doing uncountable stuff out of my comfort zone constantly.)
  • Be real with my family and friends. I spent 4 years, Skyping with my parents, telling them how great I’m doing and how much I love it here, which I did, but it wasn’t always the truth.  I came back and decided to wear my heart on my sleeve, if I’m happy I’ll smile, if I’m sad, I WILL cry I will openly feel that emotion and express it. I was done hiding behind a smile and always being ‘strong’. And being open with everyone around me was liberating in itself.
  • I would smile more. Not the type where you smile for a photo and show your teeth when someone picks up a camera. But smile with my energy and eyes every second of every day. I want to beam good energy, positivity, ambition, inspiration and love for everyone around me. Strangers, friends and family. I want that to be my mark I leave on other peoples lives.
  • To not carry my career so heavily on my shoulders. I’ve shared this before but in the past I use to believe if I eat chocolate, I’m a bad Personal Trainer, if I drink wine, I’m setting a bad example. Screw that!, I’m a 25 year old young adult, enjoying and loving life. And like the next bullet point. I will not apologize for that.
  • Getting to my last and final point, the biggest goal or intention I set for myself was to NEVER APOLOGIZE for who I am, ever again. But to only surround myself with people that truly accept me for who I am and love me for who I am, yes they may be few, but I will never change or filter myself for anyone ever again. I am ME! I am extremely stubborn, creative, crazy, addicted to moving and being outside, for living in a dream world with unrealistic goals. That’s just me! I realize I am a handful, but I’ve adopted a “take me as I am or leave” mentality. And It’s crazy how this changes everything in your life. Now after 25 years  I am oldest and the heaviest I’ve been in 2 years but more confident in my body than I have ever been! And this is such a calm relaxing feeling, not constantly covering up your body, pulling on your clothes, spending hours getting your hair and make up done. Who cares if I have cellulite, stretchmarks and picked up a few kg’s? No one probably even notices but yourself!  I can’t even describe this feeling and I hope every person and woman can get to this place in her life of not worrying about anyone else’s opinions but just to love herself unconditionally for who she really is on the inside and outside. Flaws and all!

I hope this can inspire someone to not just look at goals, as things they want to do and achieve but to analyze who they want to be, and remembered for. In a nutshell I want to be more myself, happier and smile more. Never say no to an adventure, and impact peoples lives with my smile and energy.  Thank you so much for reading. <3

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