5 Ways To Invest In Yourself Next Year

When I was thinking about my goals for next year, I realized that in order to achieve them, I have to make investments in myself. The best way to achieve your goals is to become the best you can be, in all different aspects of your life, from your health, to your career to your social life. When you invest in yourself, you’re giving worth to yourself and your goals. You’re allowing yourself to get to the next level in achieving your bigger goals and dreams, whatever that looks like for you.

Here are 5 ways to invest in yourself this year.


1. Education

I was NOT your best student. My school years consisted of sports, interested in sports, and day dreaming and wishing I was running around outside (Actually I still do that) But college changed it for me, when I was finally surrounded by like minded people and learning about subjects I was really interested in, I flourished. Since then I’ve done numerous courses, workshops and researched stuff in my field and since then I’ve always been keen on learning more. But now that I’m no longer in school, doesn’t mean I’ve stopped educating myself.

As a personal trainer, blogger and business owner, there’s always something new to learn and strategies to keep on top of. I’m constantly researching new courses and books and investing in ones that will help me and business grow. The second you stop learning is the second you stop growing.

2. Creativity

You should continuously be investing time into creativity. This may mean something different for everyone, from painting to interior decorating to writing to photography to cooking to learning a new language. Creativity allows us to have fun, be inspired and take our focus off the stressors in our lives. If you do something creative for your job, try another creative outlet outside of your work. Next year I want to focus even more on writing, maybe improve my photography skills, and interior decorating will definitely be high on the list as well 😛

3. Fitness

Fitness is so important to invest in for yourself. Whether it’s a gym membership, surfing lessons, yoga, boxing, or running club, or whatever exercise you love, investing in fitness is always worth it. I will continue my all round training regime as I do currently, but I want to get as fast possible, as strong as possible and spend the summer water skiing, surfing and wake boarding as much as possible.

4. Your Mind

Nurture your mind by reading, writing, engaging in discussions with others who may share a different view point than you, meditate, journal, learn a new skill. Make sure you’re always feeding and nurturing your mind. It’s key for your mood, memory and focus, and should be one of the top things you invest in for yourself.

5. Your Diet

The last few years I’ve really been noticing just how much food affects me – both in terms of how I look and how I feel. So many foods (like ones high in sugar), make us feel tired and sluggish. I’m pretty good with making most of my own meals instead of eating out, just because I am an extremely picky eater but investing in cleaner foods helps you feel better all around and boosts your productivity, energy and mood. Be mindful of the foods you buy at the grocery store and what you order when you eat out.

Investing in yourself is one of the best ways to achieve your goals and dreams. Are there any other ways you’re planning to invest in yourself next year? 

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