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Hey there!

This is something I saw a while back and thought would be SO cute! A little Q+A blog style! I want to continue doing this regularly – at least on a quarterly basis. I get quite a few questions in my inbox so I thought it’d be fun to take it to the blog so that anyone who’s curious can see my answers too. So let’s dive right in, shall we?


How do you balance personal life and work life? 

This is something that I still struggle with, to be honest. My most helpful tool has definitely been my planners. I know it’s crazy but I use both a digital and physical planner. But most days my work and personal life is one thing, as I work with my boyfriend on Carla West Fitness, every date night turns into a meeting. When I go to the gym I feel like people are watching aka that is my marketing. So usually when I go camp or hike with my close friends I seem to ‘escape’ a bit.

What is your biggest fear? 

I think the scariest thing I have done, is get on multiple one way flights, with no security or job on the other side. I’ve done that 3 times now, and the scariest one was coming home! (Even scarier when I moved to a country without a job not even speaking the language.) What can I say, my early 20’s were a wild ride, I’m going to try and change that in the second half of my 20’s. But I think I will always be the spontaneous, irrational travel girl. SO with that being said I honestly don’t feel like I’m afraid of anything? I don’t really want to skydive or bungy jump, and I don’t really like deep water. But I also like challenging myself and facing my fears. SO… challenge accepted haha


Reading: I’m currently reading ‘Into the water’ and ‘the 4 hour work week’ Next up, I plan on reading ‘you before me’. I’ve never seen the film before.

Listening to: I’ve recently fallen in love with podcasts again and I’m currently listing to ‘Bucci radio’, ‘Business meets fitness podcast’, and ‘from the heart’, but my favorite and something you probably won’t expect from me is, ‘the MFCEO’ podcast. It gives me life! But you are more than welcome to send me more suggestions! I’ve also been listening to a lot of fun dance music on Spotify, my go to for music, because I have been practicing my dance jam routines at home for Europe later this year (#nerdalert).

Watching: Flip, I am so bad with this, getting back to the first question. I never get ‘down’ time and when I do I watch quick Youtube videos.  (Should I do a whole post about my favorite youtube channels?) My guilty pleasure is reality tv, and the most stupid shows where I don’t have to think much, like ‘survivor’, ‘the bachelor’, ‘boer soek ‘n vrou’ and maybe even ‘love island’. Sorry babe! haha I really need to find a good series to get hooked on though. Suggestions welcome!

Working on: Lots and lots of fun behind the scenes projects for my business. I have had the opportunity to grow my business so much in the past year so this year I’m focused on creating a ton of valuable passive income products.

Waiting for: All my travels this year, going to Mozambique today, Europe in August and looking forward to the best summer here in SA. Oh and moving out from my parents place. Sorry parentals, I love you guys but this needs to happen someday. I can’t wait to have my own little apartment and kitchen to decorate again.


What have you been reading, watching, and listening to lately? Also if you have any questions for me for a future “Ask Carla” posts, please DM me on Instagram with your questions.

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