Getting back into running

When you are officially a 2018 ASICSfrontrunner, your Gran gives you her treadmill and you suddenly signed up for 6 races including a half marathon over the course of the year, the universe is telling you to lace up those takkies and to hit the road. (or in my case, the treadmill)


I use to be a avid middle distance runner in high school, I’ve trained for half marathons before (which got cancelled) and participated in a few obstacle course runs while living abroad, but definitely neglected running the last few months!

But none the less, as my mom would describe, I look my most comfortable when I run, it comes naturally to me. And it is one of my favorite things to do.

After posting about my new ASICS shoes and my treadmill on my insta stories I’ve gotten numerous DM’s about my running plan, how long I run and what my goals are. But let me tell you, I am no professional when it comes to running, there are a few professionals on the ASICS front runner team that will be more than happy to help! This is just what I’m doing, to slowly get back in the game.


If you are a total beginner and need some tips on “how to run”, go read this post: Effective running

My current running goals:

  1. Firstly, I want to wear my #frontrunner kit with pride, and not die at every 5km park run I attend. I want to improve my time over short distances first, and then increase my distances as the year goes on. My ultimate goal would be a 20min 5km…. I’m far from it but I know I can do it!
  2. After all, aesthetics is important to me. I don’t want to loose all the muscle I worked to hard for the last few months. So I am chasing a more athletic/sprinter body, than a marathon runner body. Hence the shorter, faster runs.
  3. KFM Half marathon in October, and Two Oceans half marathon next year. Only because I know I can do it! And I want to challenge myself and do it for fun. 🙂 (But max 1 half marathon a year)
  4. Endurance and cardiovascular fitness,  I love hiking and trial running. And I just love to feel fit, to hike a mountain without even breaking a sweat. I joined my friends ‘hiking group’ now. And I would love to be fit, strong and healthy for all he over night hikes we are planning for this year. First one is the first weekend if April in the Cederberg.

Okay enough about me, how am I getting back into running and improving my times after a few months break?


Here is my very basic 8 week plan I wrote myself to do just that: (This does not include my weight training/yoga regime)


If you are planning on running your first 10km, go read this: How To Rock Your First 10km

My trusty old Polar M400 is charged, updated and ready to go!


Lets hit the road!


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