Self-Care Practices Beyond Beauty

Ain’t no bathing recommendations today.

After spending a month abroad, a day back home and leaving again for the next conference, today is my first full day back home, and I’ve decided to turn this Tuesday into a self care Sunday. Today is SUCH a gloomy day here in CPT and I would wish more than anything else to take a long hot bath but because of the CPT drought, this is what I got up to instead…

Self-care ideas are so often packaged up as a beauty-related posts. Now sometimes it is and unless you’re an avid bathing hater, there’s not many people who would argue that having a bath doesn’t make you feel absolutely fantastic.The same goes for a face mask. Or doing your nails. All these things things involve you cutting time out of your schedule to do something for yourself. However self-care doesn’t necessarily need to involve partaking in an activity that concerns itself with aesthetics. Self-care means dedicating time for yourself to anything that replenishes and revives you. Something that ups your energy levels, decreases stress and tends to both your physical and mental needs.So, I’ve got thinking about the self-care practices that I’ve incorporated more and more over the past couple of months as the work pressure has increased, but I haven’t been able to switch off by taking my daily bath like I did in Germany. #capetowndraught

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Find your crowd. There are certain people that whenever you are around they have such a calming and uplifting effect on you that just leaves you feeling energized. For me that’s JD, my parents, my dog and a few selective friends. I never look at my phone, we laugh, we tell stories and we eat. It’s heaven. Identify the people you have in your life that make you feel this way and organize your schedule so that you get to spend as much time as possible with their company.

2. Exercise. I know it’s such a classic cliche coming from a personal trainer, but there really is something special that happens when a client or friend says ‘I LOVE THIS’ instead of ‘DO I HAVE TO DO THIS? Exercise doesn’t just have to be one thing, and you don’t have to like the same workouts as I do. It’s about empowering yourself and mind through movement, whether that is weightlifting, running, yoga, or all of thee above. Whatever you decide, it’s a time for you, phone-free, where you’re taking the time to exclusively care for yourself both internally and externally. Find your thing and participate in it as regularly as you can.

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3. Outdoors. Growing up we ventured out on camping holidays every weekend and school holidays, so I spent a large amount of my childhood making dens in the woods and exploring most of the country I grew up in, South Africa. Even when I go away with my friends now a big part of the weekend is camping and hiking. There’s such simplicity in following a trail, eating your jungle oats bar, not seeing anyone else for hours at a stretch, being completely off the grid. I mean if that’s not the ultimate self care then I don’t know what is…

4. Music.  So this is something that I’ve been trying to do more; making playlists on Spotify and downloading albums I enjoy and then just putting them on and listening. I love anything acoustic, live or in my room. I use to play the piano, and although I’ve lost most of my skills and being able express myself creatively in that way, music will always be a part of me. Even if it’s just a throwback playlist taking you back to a certain time in high school, or your holiday from last year. Music has an amazing impact on my mood.

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5. Writing. The irony, as I’m writing this now, but writing, blogging and instagramming if that’s even a thing is how I love to express myself. If you, as a reader had to know how much I write, that never get’s published, I hardly post 10% of what crosses my mind or get’s written, because sometimes I just need to get things out. I don’t need anyone else’s judgement on my opinions, but writing my thoughts down definitely organizes and clears my chaotic mind.

6. Organisation. Now this is SUPER LAME I know, but a re-organize or just a little tidy-up is really up there with my most chill-inducing tasks. A little Sunday spring clean, fresh sheets, starting your week on a organized and clean note. I can’t think of anything more satisfying haha

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