5 Fitness MISTAKES I Wish I Knew When I Started

When you find someone new to follow in Instagram, or even when maybe some of you started following me, you just assumed I’ve always looked this way? Or always knew what I was doing right? WRONG


Even as a qualified PT, during your studies and the few years after that, you get BOMBARDED with the newest trends, fads, science, research and you use yourself as a human guinea pig to try all of these out before you advise them to your clients. Or I would sincerely hope so!

Just like all of you, we all start somewhere, there are millions of guides, Pinterest posts and YouTube videos pulling you in a million directions that you get overwhelmed very quickly. Although I believe I’m in a good place now, not that I’ve achieved balance, but in the fact that I know what works for my body and what doesn’t.

I’m going to share with you the 5 MISTAKES I wish I knew before I started.

  1. I started working out consistently in 2012 I would say. I had no idea what I was doing, it was all just about abs. I was so skinny already but all I wanted was to get abs. That meant drinking protein shakes, fat burners, doing spinning 5 days a week. So… I got a ‘flatter’ stomach, but the ab definition sadly never appeared.
2013 was all about the abs and #thinspiration. FML
  1. Second big mistake…I self-educated, and never invested in a trainer or asking someone for help. I squatted wrong for yeaaaars, I had no glute activation and was extremely quad dominant. I watched all the glut activation videos and tried the little exercises in the gym, and it’s only when I worked in London that I started doing free bar squats, and only in Stuttgart, Germany where I perfected my squat form. In 2016… fml. 4 years of booty gains wasted, that could have been avoided if I just hired a good PT to teach me that in a session or two. Every time I teach glute activation to a client and they ‘get it’ within the first session, I almost get emotional and mad at myself again. Take note kids! You cannot teach yourself everything, and a YouTube tutorial can only help you so much.
  2. You must understand your body type and be realistic with your goals. You can never change how your body looks. I appreciate my genetics and my body, but I will never have a itty-bitty waist and juicy hips. I can appreciate it and it looks gorgeous, but I will never achieve that. Just because someone is your inspo, you can never look like them. You can only look like the best version of yourself!! Find realistic people to follow and have realistic goals to strive for.
  3. You don’t have to be extreme. At 55kg I thought eating chicken, broccoli and boiled eggs is ‘fitness’ and will make me look like a body builder. But I definitely did not understand that clean eating + a calorie deficit will not make me look bigger. Trial and error. But being that extreme is not only dangerous, but not maintainable. Crash dieting and binging has a lot worse long-term side effect than incorporating small changes, one thing at a time.
  4. Supplements are not necessary. I don’t take fat burners. I’ve spent tons of money on meal replacement shakes, protein powders. Who hasn’t? Can anyone hands down tell me they transformed their bodies when incorporating fat burners and protein shakes into their lifestyle? They made no change in the diet or training just started taking fat burners and protein… NO! Okay, so currently I am taking supplements, to supplement my training regime, not because I must, or because they will change my body. Any beginner, in the first year of weight training, don’t waste your money on supplements. Buy yourself new gym gear and inform yourself on nutrition but wait with the supplements until you really have your diet 100% and found what works for you. And then after achieving success through that, later you can consider if it is NECESSARY to supplement. If you do feel drawn to the fitness industry and Dischem calls your name every time your walk past. Start off with a good multivitamin. The gym is a germy place, and a lot of people I personally know, got sick quite often when they started gyming. Gross but true.
Please check the date on this post. #summerbody2013 haha

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