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Life update April 2019

If you have been following me for a while you have definitely seen plenty of these posts and stayed up to date with my major life changes, which seems to happen every few months… that’s not great I know. But if you have been following me through my journey from moving from Cape Town to London, London to Germany, changing jobs multiple times there, and then moving back to Cape Town. It’s only fair to update you on 2019 so far, as SO much has happened. Yes, I am still in Cape Town at least. But 2019 has been unexpectedly great so far to say the least.


I can never give a year a ‘word’ in advance, I guess I must live it a little, and maybe half way through the year I’ll think of a word that would summarize the year. But I can already tell you, 2019 is the year of ADULTING & settling. Not the sexiest word, and definitely not something I’ll tattoo on my wrist or anything. 😛

But this year started off with a bang, literally bottles of champagne and jumping in the pool with the most amazing group of friends. With no meditation, expectations or mindfulness. I couldn’t think of anything, I couldn’t even write down a list of goals for this year. (That’s abnormal for me)

January started slow with a week off, then a week of only starting up slowly and by the 3rd week, things were back to normal. And that’s when me and JD started talking about maybe moving in together this year. I wanted to start buying furniture while we are living at home, to spread out the expenses and to start planning. When we started talking about couch sizes, my grand idea was to go ‘look’ at a flat in the complex we want to move to in a few months.

Ladies and gentleman, in true Carla fashion, I fell INLOVE with the first place we saw, it was a good deal, it was furnished and exactly the layout and view we wanted. 1 Feb, we moved in together into our dream flat. (It didn’t happen that easily, but it definitely happened REALLY fast.)

The first month of settling in was an adjustment to say the least (sorry babe) and because I keep it honest on this blog, I was really homesick the first month. I kept feeling like I wanted to go ‘home’, home to my parent’s house, brother and the dogs. It didn’t quite feel like ‘my home’ yet. Which is CRAZY because my parents live 15 min away, and I’ve lived on the other side of the world from them, but somehow this little move made me sad haha

After settling for a while, finding our routine and living our best lives…I spotted a car on our complex’s buy and sell group that interested me (again, just looking) I wasn’t really looking to buy a car… I just wanted to test drive a car… after speaking to the person at the dealership who posted it, he last minute decided to bring me another car to test drive, not the one I was originally looking at, but a brand, colour and style car I never thought I would drive. Again, I wasn’t even looking to buy. And to be honest, being a freelancing PT with multiple income streams, with only a German driver’s license, I didn’t even think it was possible…. One week later, you guys, meet my little Love bug.

I honestly, truly, can’t tell you guys why all of this happened this year, how somehow everything happens at the right time, or how I’m able to afford these things but one thing I can tell you is, that I am so so so freaking stoked. I have worked SO hard and SO many years at my brand and to finally be recognized as a female professional, having the dream life I dreamed of, my dream flat, dream car, and let’s not forget the dream dog, and the dreamiest boyfriend of them all. Life does feel like a bit of a dream, but you can never get too comfortable. Just when you think everything is going so well, life will give you a curve ball 😛 But saying I’ve been very blessed this year is a understatement, and a big reward after years of hard work.


I have been on a bit of a journey this year with my running. Pushing my ultimate limits in Dec, training up to 10 hours a week including gym and running was just too much, with how active I am at work I couldn’t keep up with it. I was rapidly losing weight and burning muscle, I was struggling with shin splints and I could just tell me body was not happy with me. I made me very frustrated and emotional because the last thing I wanted to do was quit. End of Jan I decided to take some time off and focus more on the gym again, do a bulk, build some muscle and then slowly start running again. I those 2 off months I did 2 10km races, the Weskus 10km and the Gordon’s bay Labourwise 10km which we’re both amazing races, with amazing weather, and because I was not training I had no time pressure and I just really really enjoyed it 🙂

April I started running again, but due to schedule changes I have not been as committed and strict with my training. But regardless, I ran my fastest 5km on Sunday at the My run at Paardevlei. 25min 12sec. I have been busting my butt off to run a 25min 5km and I improved that with over a minute. I’m not sure what happened, but it was 10 degrees! haha Excited to keep going and keep getting faster! I still have my eyes on the Sanlam 10km to do the ultimate pb, but I’m sure I’ll do a lot more races this year. I have become a bit of a medal collector. (Living out my childhood dream haha)


Everyone is doing great, Mom has turned into the ultimate girl boss over the last year, she does the park run and my run every weekend, hit’s PB’s weekly, does karate now, yoga. No one can keep up with her!

Both my best friends are getting married this year in September and November this year, meaning wedding fever is thoroughly around us! I am a bridesmaid and maid of honor for the first time in my life, so  a lot of planning, learning and events coming up surrounding that this year that I am VERY excited about!

CWF in general 

I have mentioned this on my social media, that as the in person personal training and worked picked up this year I have seriously neglected my blog and Instagram. Starting with this blog, I am committing to bringing more writing to my blog, more value, more content, more workout videos to my Instagram and etc. Making in a little come back in a sense and also hoping to help more and more of you this year.

Thank you for your time, and if you made it this far. Thanks for reading my 1200 word essay.









I love you all and thank you for always supporting my and my dreams!


<3 Carla


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