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Our amazing first UNFOLD event


On the 9th of August, Women’s day in South Africa, me, Andrea Wessels and Roxy from Hoko active wear organized, what in my experience, was the most influential and down to earth women’s event in Sea Point Cape Town to ever take place. (Not bias at all :P)


Let me give you some background on what this was about and how this started, I have met Dreia in person once, we are what you would call “internet friends” and we work together on/for Ambition online. Roxy on the other hand, I’ve never met before, she is based all the way in Joburg. So Dreia voice notes me a while back that she wants to organize this event, she want’s to get her friend Roxy on board, would I be keen?

At this point, what Dreia was describing over the phone to me was something I have been dreaming of and manifesting for years, but never had the guts to do by myself! So of course, I jumped in head first.

We then over the months came up with a name, the logo, the wings that we printed, the location, food, drinks everything, by only communicating in a whats app group. (The absolute power of technology!)

The Purpose

Firstly our purpose was by NO means to make money, and we didn’t haha it was to bring a group of like minded, passionate women together in one room and to just be as vulnerable as possible. What we did not want, was some entitled rich successful woman standing in the front, telling everyone about herself and how amazing she is and how inspiring she is, we wanted this to be an interactive discussion where everyone would share THEIR story and learn from each other. (And boy oh boy did we, but I will get to that a bit later). We also incorporated a 30 min yoga session, 30 min workout and 30 min promenade run/walk. And after that food, wine and champagne was served and the discussion started shortly after.

On the day

Girls started arriving around 10 am where we all got together in the mountain room where we just quickly introduced ourselves, already the energy was electric with smiles and laughs filling the room, girls already connecting and taking photos at our beautiful butterfly print out wall. After that we split into our 3 groups and I grabbed the first group and hit the promenade. Quick little dynamic warm up and drills later, we hit the road, this was a good balance between walking and running and we had girls from all fitness levels joining us. We started chatting about running, why people don’t like running, breathing techniques, running styles, running gear, shoes and nutrition. And I did that with 3 groups after one another, each time doing about a 3km loop. (I think, depends how much we were chatting) But it was a beautiful sunny day, and I’m so glad we went out and got some fresh air.

Like I mentioned earlier, food by fig and fromage, treats from the guiltless bakery, and wine and bubbly from Vrede and Lust was served. And dahm, it was so so so good! We couldn’t get the girls away from it to let the discussion start, so we ended up bringing the whole platter, treats and all the wine and bubbly to the discussion so we could get everyone to sit down. haha

When the magic happened

THEN the magic happened, Dreia, the queen that she is, led this part of the event with the upmost grace and needless to say, by the third person introducing themselves, we had tears and it just continued from there. (And no this was not a miserable, morbid event haha) we we’re laughing through the tears, but people we’re vulnerable AF, like really opened their hearts, to the circle and people responded and made them feel so safe.

This was our dream and goal, but that this part would go down so well, I couldn’t have predicted. And I truly understand the essence of ‘holding space’ for someone now. Our crowd was quite mixed, from young to middle aged, mom’s of toddlers to mom’s of adults. Career women, self employed women, stay at home mom’s, and everyone had a story to tell, and advice to share when someone else was opening their heart. And that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experience. I have never ever ever been so proud of something I, and Dreia and Roxy created. It was an HONOR to be part of this, and I cannot WAIT for the next one!



Next events

We have already decided that we want to have one every 3 months, and I am planning a little Somerset West version for maybe this year still, or early next year. Our next Cape Town event will be in November though, but we will officially announce it closer to the time.


A third of the group that stayed right until the end. We forgot to take a group photo of everyone together





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