Hey loves! <3 When I found out I was pregnant I started to write down how I was feeling every week in a little journal/diary so that I won’t forget when I want to make this blog post one day. I’ve didn’t really take any photos of my belly until this week as there wasn’t really anything happening, but it is also winter here so you just wear baggy warm clothes.

Now it finaally started showing a bit so when I’m gonna write this weeks update I will take a proper photo. I want to take photos in the same angle/same clothes every week from now so I can see the change. Will be so cool! 🙂 First let’s dig in to the first few weeks until today! I wanted to read lots of these updates from people how they were feeling every week in the beginning, so I thought I would summarize it here! Enjoy! 🙂

Our first doctors appointment at 6 weeks. It was surreal seeing that there is/was ACTUALLY something in there. I was so scared it was a false alarm.

Week 6-7

My status: This was definitely my worst week by far, I had low iron and starting feeling extremely dizzy from doing anything. A combination of my blood pressure and sugar levels dropping at the same time. NO more coffee, no more skipping breakfast before my first client and I had to keep snacks at hand at all time. Oh and SO much sleep, I couldn’t do much else, not even walk to the kitchen by myself to make myself toast. (This was all after the doctors appointment) I also stopped taking my prenatal vitamins this week as it was making me extremely constipated, that I couldn’t even sleep. (TMI I know) But I’ve never struggled with stomach issues and the pills we’re making me feel terrible.

Cravings: Bread. Preferably toast! I didn’t even want butter or cheese most days as the oiliness would make me feel sick hours later still.

Week 8

Baby’s status: The baby is around 1 cm and eyes, ears and nostrils are in place.

My status: Skin has been glorious, it started clearing up in Bali and has never been this good haha I’m still feeling tired and literally sleeping my way through life and lockdown. I just work or lie down.

Cravings: Bread, bread and more bread. I also felt like eating potatoes, salt and chocolate. But all my normal things before pregnancy really. But I am COMPLETELY off meat, I had a big cry because I thought about mince in the shower. Don’t even ask me why, but just typing that might make me sick again. But I can’t see it, smell it, think about it. I crave steak but mince, ah I couldn’t even say the word for a few weeks.

Week 9

Baby’s status: The baby is 1,5 cm and moves around to train it’s little muscles. JD: ” little muscles, do they know whose child this is??”

My status: My boobs are very sore, like on fire even when I move my arms, and they’re growing a lot and fast… and I’m still a walking sleeping sloth. NO energy.

Cravings: Still bread but hopefully it will disappear soon, I should’ve started to get tired of it now. I also feel like yogurt and granola.

(Literally went to go and get a yogurt, before I continue typing haha)

Week 10

Baby’s status: Now it’s not called an embryo anymore but a baby (yeey!). The baby is now 2,5 cm! You can start to see fingers and toes, and where the teeth are going to be are starting to develop.

My status: Flawless skin and ENERGY! Finally I am starting to feel more like myself.

Cravings: Yoghurt and granola! <3

We went for our second GP visit, he asked us at 6 weeks to come back at 10 weeks. I’m not going to lie I think between week 10-12 I felt so good that I had one of those ghost weeks, where I didn’t feel pregnant at all anymore. Iron levels we’re back to normal, thank goodness I didn’t have to take those pills anymore. Everything looked good, and we went for blood test’s after this.

He/she grew SO much in 4 weeks, doctor was super happy.

Week 11

Baby’s status: Around 3 cm and the head is very big compared to the rest of the body. The baby can now jawn, suck and swallow.

Week 12

Baby’s status: The baby is now 4 cm and looks more and more like a human being. Baby can now smile and suck on it’s thumb, how cute?

My status: I barely feel anything, stomach is still flat (no abs anymore though) I was still able to wear high wasted skinny jeans to my appointment, but I also think it was maybe the last time. J.D. was not allowed to come into the hospital at all for this appointment due to COVID -19, and I was VERY sad, but there wasn’t much we could do. All the women that we’re there we’re going through the same thing really…

Cravings: Fast food places have started opening up after lockdown and I am officially addicted to fries, with a lot of salt. After all the paces I’ve tried now Burger king makes them the saltiest haha

The evening of our 12 weeks scan, we told J.D’s parents finally, and told all our closest friends and family via video call, whats app etc. It was surreal, crazy and so cool to see everyone’s reactions and feel ALL the love, even if it was only virtually due to circumstances. What an emotional roller coaster.

Week 13

Baby’s status: Around 5,5 cm from head to butt.

My status: Almost feels unnecessary to write how I feel, now I truly feel like normal and zero symptoms. Feels like I’ve gained a few kilos so I will weigh myself next week at my parents so I can keep track. It will be fun to see what the weight will end up on in a few months, haha! I feel leaner than normal though, my engagement ring feels looser and looser.

Cravings: Nothing actually, but I am definitely not eating as healthy as I could . <3 I definitely need to try and get some protein in at some point.

Week 14-15
Weight: + 1,5 kg

Baby’s status: The baby is 8 cm and the hair starts to grow. If the baby will get dark hair the pigment starts to produce, it will be interesting to see what color our baby gets on the hair. My whole family was blond, I’m the only one with dark hair, and J.D. was born with blond curls so who knows!

I also started feeling the baby, I didn’t know what it was at first but it feel’s like a little flutter.

My status: I feel good, my boobs are twice the size though and my waist has almost disappeared? Other than that I feel energized and fresh and almost better than when I’m not pregnant, which feels weird. I’m not complaining though, I’m so thankful for it! 🙂

Cravings: SUGAR…

Week 16

Baby’s status: Now the baby gets measured between head and food, so the baby is now 14 cm long. The baby is very active, and the subcutaneous fat is developing and also the nails.

I feel the baby almost every second day now, I’ve even felt it on my hand while pressing my hand into one side. I think he/she is fighting for some space in there haha. But usually only at night, between 8-10pm he/she moves so much!

My status: Most of my clothes are too tight around my boobs and ribs and not really the stomach yet… but it is still winter and I’m not wearing tight clothes too often. I have REALLY been feeling my back and hips this week, I think everything is growing a bit fast and my ligaments can’t quite keep up. I’ve had 2 nights of really bad sleep and need to be careful when training clients and exercising. I hope this goes over fast, I feel like a grandma. haha

Cravings: Nothing really, still fries. And no red meat, I’ve tried ordering a burger with my fries and just ended up taking the meat patty off. It really didn’t make me feel good. I’ve finally started eating a bit of chicken again.

I think the belly has officially popped now, these photos we’re taken after lunch and I ate very little this day so definitely not a food baby haha

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