We’re pregnant!!

Hey loves! We’ve kept a small secret for a few months and that is that we’re having a little baby! <3 It still feels surreal and we haven’t really understood it yet. At the same time it feels so natural. It will probably take a few more months before we can understand that we’re going to be a little family. J.D. and I, and our little baby. <3 We’re so happy, and also over the moon excited about our little surprise. I will update you about everything that has happened the last few months, how we told our loved ones, how I’ve been feeling, and everything you want to know. It’s been so hard for me to post on IG and pretend that everything is as usual when you’re experiencing the coolest thing ever. It’s been cozy to have a little secret for once with just J.D. and I, even if I’ve been wanting to scream it out to everyone several times. I actually didn’t think I was going to be able to wait till 13 weeks to tell everyone, but time just flied by so quickly. And still is! I’m already 16 weeks tomorrow! We’re incredibly happy and I hope you want to join us for this journey ahead! LOTS OF LOVE FROM US! <3

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