I don’t even remember week 16-18 because I think I was just consumed by figuring out and guessing the baby’s gender haha

From Week 18 is where it really got fun, after she had a pronoun and a name everything really started to feel more real.  

How I’ve been feeling the last 6 weeks: I’ve been feeling great and back to my usual pre pregnancy energy, if not even more now! But I’ve been feeling some growing pain in my stomach sometimes, and every now and then I maybe have a day or 2 of sciatic pain, that usually only bothers me at night.

The belly started showing officially around 18 weeks, but I haven’t taken any ‘bump’ update shots because it’s too cold in winter here haha Sometimes my bump feels huge and uncomfortable and some days very small. Which is nice. I love my bump, but I don’t like the bloating feeling.

I started feeling flutters at around 15/16 weeks and I think everyone thought I was crazy and imagining it. Then on the day of the 18 weeks scan she started kicking soooo much the whole day, and when I told the doctor her face was like okay sure, until she put the sonar on my stomach and her first reaction was like WOAH, okay, uhm ya, sorry not to scare you, but we’ve got a wild one here hahaha

And I just thought, told you SO! I’ve been telling everyone haha I think I’ve felt so much because 1. I usually have a flat stomach its probably more sensitive there, and maybe because I’m carrying quite small so far and 2. I’m am very aware of my body and can feel every little thing. Haha

At 20 weeks JD felt her kick for the first time, which was so so cool. It was still very light kicks.

And again, at our 20 week detailed the scan the doctor was also very impressed at how strong she is and how much she is moving. We could even see her leg muscles really flexing and moving as she’s kicking the whoooole time. In her official report they actually mentioned twice how active she is haha She’s got her mom’s runner legs and just want to start running already lol Wish me luck!

At 21 weeks this little girl start kicking me that I actually jolt or get a fright. Especially around my belly button or upper stomach, I don’t like that and I actually have to scold her a bit and ask her to stop lol She usually get’s very active at night, between 7 – 10pm when I start slowing and relaxing. My mom also felt her kick for the first-time last weekend. <3

Week 22, things have progressed again. Now I don’t just feel her kicking, I feel her moving, and JD has felt it as well. And I have started seeing it! Which is crazy just sitting there watching your stomach. I haven’t been able to catch it on camera or while anyone else is watching. But I’m sure by next week she will be even stronger. And her activity is also more spread out during the day as well.

I honestly don’t know how I’m so calm about this little human moving inside of me, it feels insane talking or typing about it like it’s the most normal thing when it is actually so bizarre. There is probably some hormonal changes that tell your mind that this is normal so that you don’t completely freak out lol

Cravings: Nothing really, after I found out it was a girl it’s like all my potato and salt cravings went away haha I’ve started drinking normal coffee again, but other than that I am eating normally. Just still very little to no meat.  

Total weight gain: +-5kg

Baby is now: Roughly 27,94cm and weighs 450-500g.

18 weeks to go 😀

I don’t know when our next scan is but I’m also not really anticipating going again. We’ve had 5 scans in the first 20 weeks and everything is really picture perfect, we’ve seen every little detail and organ in detail and she really is just perfect. Now it’s just making sure she is growing. I haven’t made my next appointment, but maybe I’ll go at 28/30 weeks. Probably 28, but I still need to make the appointment.

More than half way now, we pretty much have everything we need, everything is set up and packed ready for her arrival. She can just arrive now lol I’m already getting impatient, and slightly over being uncomfortable. Feel’s like I’ve been pregnant for long enough now lol

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