4 Type of exercises to avoid during pregnancy

When it comes to exercise & pregnancy, you may have heard: Sit down and relax for 9 months OR keep doing what you were doing before you got pregnant.

Suuuper helpful, right?

What if you were an triathlete? A diving instructor? Can you still do *that* during pregnancy?

For the safety of mom & baby, here are 4 activities to avoid during pregnancy.

1️⃣ High-Intensity Interval Training.
Women who exercised at a high intensity prior to pregnancy can continue exercising at a high or vigorous intensity during pregnancy (a perceived effort of 7-8.5 out of 10), but high-intensity interval training (an effort of 9.5-10 out of 10 during the work period) is contraindicated during pregnancy.

2️⃣ Exercises that Cause Leaking or Heaviness.
These are signs your pelvic floor isn’t handling the exercise or intra-abdominal pressure well. Try reducing the load/weight or range of motion, or switching to a new movement.

3️⃣ Activities or exercises where you are lying on your stomach, or training your abs directly. Crunches, Sit ups, surfing. Those are the type of exercises I would avoid. Especially from when you start showing.

4️⃣ Activities with a Fall Risk
If you fall during a high-risk activity (e.g. off-road cycling, horseback riding), you may injure yourself & the baby.

Unsure if an activity is safe, or want to start something new? 🤔 Err on the side of caution & ALWAYs get clearance from your doc first.

Want more info on exercise & pregnancy?

More info coming very very very soon! 🤫🤫🤫

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