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I’ve been thinking about how to word this post, because I’ve always been a less is more person, and I honestly believe a newborn needs NOTHING but a mothers arms and feeding. 

But with that being said, we borrowed a ton of luxury things from a friend with Ayla that really gave us the opportunity to try everything but use what is essential, and even after having Ayla there was a few things I knew I never used, and some things that we’ve been using every single day. And I made excel lists of our most used items and things I wish I had and saved it so needless to say… this time I had a short list. But an almost non negotiable list of things I want for baby nr2 (AGAIN, you need NONE of these things) so don’t think I’m being super bougie here, we’re not. Some of the things I purchased while I already had Ayla but didn’t have from the start and other things I bought for baby nr2. 

I think what makes our situation unique is also that we will have two babies 15 months apart, so a lot of these purchases was also out of a “this will make our lives easier” view point. You probably won’t need all of this for your first child. 

First list: 

Things we borrowed with Ayla and loved and decided to repurchase: 

  • Nuture one pillow (she STILL sleeps with her’s very night, she loved loved loved this as a new born)

Second list: 

Things I got when Ayla was older, but wish I had right from the start. 

Third, things I wish I had with A, that we got this time: 

Things we had the first time that we won’t be using again:

  • Moses basket (Ayla outgrew it in 3 months)
  • Electric breast pumps (they never fully “latched” right and I never got much milk out. And the sound traumatized me 🤣
  • Baby bath, we’re rather getting the Angel care bath seat. We don’t have space to store a separate bath. (Also look around for prices, I think it’s the cheapest at Baby city, and take a lot the most expensive for the same thing)
  • Soft material baby wraps. (I needed to watch a YouTube tutorial every time I wanted to use it, and by that time A was hysterical already anyway. I think I used it 2-3 times. Also only convenient when they are tiiiiiny. As soon as they get too heavy the material is too stretchy. And they are not really ergonomic either so I prefer a more sturdy carrier that supports your lower back. This will be my first time putting a new born in a Ubuntu though so let’s see how it goes. 

I think that is pretty much it, like I said. You don’t need ANY of this, it’s mostly just a tried and tested list. What worked for us, what didn’t, what we would do differently or the same. Either way, you will figure it out as you go.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products 🙂

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