Hospital bag list

Firstly again, the biggest thing I realized the first time is that you need nothing!! 

They literally provided me of everything the first time in the Medi clinic bag, I think they couldn’t find her bag so they even dressed her in clothes from the hospital. We literally had her in her going home outfit, that was the first thing from her whole bag. 

Didn’t need a diaper, blanket, beanie, nothing. 

So I am of course, still bringing a whole bag of things this time, as you do. Although you need nothing. 🤣🤣 

As for myself though, 

Essentials this time: 

  • BLACK pajama’s, loungewear, track suits. I brought all pink and floral gowns last time, thinking of all the pretty pictures we will take. Firstly no pictures were taken, I looked like I have been to war and back. And I bled through every outfit in about an hour. So I definitely needed more clothes, didn’t realize I was going to change that often, and darker, light pink was not a vibe. 
  • More snacks. When my sister brought cookies after labor I literally died. I didn’t think of that. Because of Covid you couldn’t just order food, and my husband could only come and go once. Definitely putting more consideration into my first post partum meal, having soooo many snacks at hand. (I only brought enough for labour) and water bottles every where. I need to drink more water this time! 
  • Phone charger, laptop/laptop charger etc. 
  • This time I have AirPods, super keen to use them post partum in hospital. I won’t use the noise canceling I promise 🤣 
  • More postpartum recovery kit, more secure underwear to keep all the pads and bits in place. A Peri bottle. Those type of things. I didn’t take care of myself pp properly last time. 
  • All our documents (I still need to pack those) 
  • Feeding bra’s 
  • Feeding friendly cami’s
  • Flip flops for the showers 
  • All your toiletries.
  • I can’t remember if they provided towels last time, I’m sure they do.
  • Slippers for the room 
  • Breastfeeding pillow 
  • Dockatot 
  • Swaddles  
  • Car seat for when going home.

And ya, my husband won’t be staying over. He didn’t stay over last time either so he won’t really need a overnight bag, just things for the day and snacks/food etc. I think he even worked from hospital last time. 🙈 oh and took long naps while I was in labour haha so he’s chilled. 

He can bring what he wants on the day. 

I’m actually so excited about my hospital stay this time, I had SUCH a great experience last time so I feel like this time will again be like a little getaway. Besides birth and having a new born. I am really looking forward to it and not nearly as anxious as last time. 

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