About Me

Who is Carla?

Hi! I’m Carla,

I’m an entrepreneur, fit pregnancy coach, soon to be the mom of two, and a strong believer that new and expecting moms can be both fit and happy.

But my life didn’t always look this way; during my first pregnancy, I had no idea what to expect. My body was changing and I just didn’t feel like myself anymore. The only thing that made me feel like myself was movement — exercise always left me feeling strong and in control.

Since becoming Pre/Post-Natal Certified in 2013, I’ve been waiting for the moment to implement my qualifications and to trial and test my own body through my pregnancy programs. Now 1 year later I’m completing the same program again, so I’ve trialled this program twice before launching it online. I have worked with countless pregnant and postnatal women over the years, even under the guidance of a midwife in Germany for a year where I got all the hands-on experience of testing for Diastasis recti and core rehab. 

Working with mom’s has been my dream job since 2013 and I am so happy that it has finally become a reality.

Now I’m here to help you step into your power through fitness because healthy moms raise happy babies.

What I offer,

Your one-stop shop for at-home workouts designed specifically for your pregnant and postpartum body.

 Wherever you are in your pregnancy or postpartum, I’ve created a program just for you! Each program can be completed at home, at your own pace, and comes with

  • Access to Video Workout Library

    Immediate Access To A Categorized Video Workout Library

  • New Workouts Each month

    Each Month new workouts will be added By Me (Pre And Postnatal Certified)

  • Follow Along Video Tutorials Tailored To Your Pregnant & Postpartum Body

    Using the mobile application to view the instruction videos on demand

  • A Clickable Workout Calendar To Hold You Accountable

    Access to a calender which is used to schedule all your workouts for you to plan on be consistent

  • A Comments Section On Each Workout Where You Can Get Direct Feedback

    Direct communication offered via the app to inform Carla about your workouts and experience


Spinning instructor

Sports massage therapist

FIVE stretching

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