HealthierMe Challenge – Nutrition with Exercise plan (8-weeks)


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Workout program created by Personal trainer Carla Conradie 

The 8-week training program is progressive and interactive. Workouts are app-based and can be completed in your own time from home or your local gym. This program will get you feeling fitter, faster and stronger. The difference between this program and other training programs offered online is that you will be supported throughout the 8 weeks as part of a group of like-minded women from anywhere in the world. You will receive your exercise demonstrations, reps sets & the rest all on your phone!


During this time together we are going to be: 

– Changing our mindsets towards exercise forever

– Sweat together virtually (on & off-screen)

– Get glowing from inside and out

– Build a community and connect with a bunch of like-minded women – Get to ENJOY and LOVE taking care of our bodies


This challenge includes: 

– 8 weeks progressive overload training program

– Blend of strength, cardio, HIIT and yoga/stretching workout days.

– 3 different program options (Make sure this program fits YOUR goals) – Professional exercise demonstrations.

– Warm-up & Cooldowns.

– App-based progress tracker.

– Community Facebook group where you get to motivate, encourage and support each other.


7-day Individualised Meal plan and 2 weekly check-ins by Registered Dietitian Kirstin Sylvester

Nutrition is complex and often overwhelming. The 7 days individualised meal plan provides an opportunity for you to learn about nourishing your body while reaching your goals. You can choose between a vegetarian/vegan meal plan or normal based on which best suits your dietary preferences. The meal plan is flexible and allows for a great amount of variety.

Every two weeks you will receive a pre-recorded video by Kirstin to answer all your

questions about healthy eating.

These sessions will provide an opportunity to learn more about nutrition and get answers

to any questions, you may have when it comes to food, fad diets, or specific products.

What you will receive when doing the healthier me nutrition program :

– 7 days individualised meal plan to help you reach your goals. No meal repetition so this meal plan has loads of variety!

– E-book with food group allocations that are individualised to your specific needs

taking into account your current starting point and goals

– E-book covering the basics of nutrition, guidelines for choosing food products and how to understand labels + much more!


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