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My story

Hi! I’m Carla

I’m an entrepreneur, fit pregnancy coach, soon to be the mom of two, and a strong believer that new and expecting moms can be both fit and happy.

But my life didn’t always look this way; during my first pregnancy, I had no idea what to expect. My body was changing and I just didn’t feel like myself anymore. The only thing that made me feel like myself was movement — exercise always left me feeling strong and in control.

Since becoming Pre/Post-Natal Certified in 2013, I’ve been waiting for the moment to implement my qualifications and to trial and test my own body through my pregnancy programs. Now 1 year later I’m completing the same program again, so I’ve tried this program twice before launching it online. I have worked with countless pregnant and postnatal women over the years, even under the guidance of a midwife in Germany for a year as well,  where I got all the hands-on experience of testing for Diastasis recti and core rehab.  

Working with mom’s has been my dream job since 2013 and I am so happy that it has finally become a reality.

Now I’m here to help you step into your power through fitness because healthy moms raise happy babies.

Feedback from happy clients

I signed up for Carla’s first 8-week fitness (gym) challenge, and I loved every minute of it. In the 8 weeks, she went above and beyond with regards to guidance, and support. She takes a sincere interest in each of her clients/challenger girls, and her knowledge of nutrition and fitness is incredible. She shares, and give advice freely whenever you need it. She is a huge inspiration to me in my fitness journey and would recommend anyone to sign up for her challenges or PT services.
Ingrid Mangiagalli
Online Client
Ich habe Carla in Stuttgart in meinem früheren Fitness-Studio getroffen. Als sie mir sagte, dass sie zurück nach Südafrika gehen würde war ich richtig traurig. Nicht nur, weil ich sie so gern habe, sondern auch, weil ich endlich den perfekten Trainer für mich gefunden habe. Aber mit den Carla West Fitness e-books, dem persönlichen Kontakt via E-Mail und Facebook war ich weiterhin super gut durch sie betreut und muss sagen, dass ich all meine Fitness-Fortschritte ihr zu verdanken habe. Danke Carla für dein Wissen, deinen Rat, deine Unterstützung und deine Motivation. Aber danke auch vor allem, weil du immer dran bleibst und uns Mädels richtig pushst, egal wo man wohnt!
Elena Catalan
Online Client
I started seeing Carla at 6 weeks post-partum after having my first baby. I battled with pelvic girdle pain throughout pregnancy and on meeting Carla I couldn't walk more than 1km without severe pain, now I am planking, push-upping and using muscles I didn't know existed!!! Baby is now 10 months old and I feel stronger and more confident than I have done in years! Carla is flexible, we have had sessions with baby and when baby has needed me she has just joined in. Carla has been able to pitch the sessions to be exactly what I need every time, starting out with just breathing techniques and now pushing me to my limits, I feel like the sessions with Carla have not only made me fitter and stronger but enabled me to be the best mum I can be!! I really appreciate that Carla makes exercising accessible so it becomes a lifestyle and not a chore! Highly recommended!!!!
Charlotte Anastasi
Online Client
After having my baby end July I started with your challenge. I had a certain goal in my mind which I really wanted to achieve in a certain time. Your 12 week challenge helped me achieve that goal! With a newborn, exercise had to be quick and inbetween baby schedules and this was just it! Carla was so great checking in on us every week and giving us motivation to stay focused! I achieved my short term goal and lost 2.1kg and 14cm and the end of the challenge! A great person and a great challenge!
Natasha Bouwer
Online Client

Welcome to the CWF blog

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Open to joint projects

Over the past 10 years, I have been actively invested in writing high quality blogs about an array of topics, from lifestyle, to fitness and more recently, pregnancy and motherhood. Essentially, I love expressing myself and using written content as the means of communicating with interested followers and other bloggers alike.

Carla West Fitness is essentially a community based business setup to aid women in their journey to wellness, using a holistic approaches. Therefore, I would be inclined to say “yes” to any opportunity whereby I can contribute and achieve my mission as a trainer and fellow female.

Here is the article about the “Unfold” Event CWF hosted with Andrea Wessels and Hoko Active Wear … 


After finding my own way as an entrepreneur and taking some risk by working for myself, I realized that I would like to transfer my learnings onto young girl-bosses and make a difference by enabling them.

In addition, I find it fulfilling to engage with young girl-bosses and use my platform to create more exposure and show off the awesome work they do. 

With my past collaborations and after years in the industry, I have used most products spanning from supplements, to exercise guides, equipment and training attire. As one would see from reading my blogs on these subjects, I always aim to be true and honest with my readers regarding my experience and this is evident in their feedback and messages concerning product selection.

I have consciously worked on my online presence pertaining to social media and blogs, to build a true following and connect with people on a personal level. I am therefore open to build relationships with brand which enable them to further our reach with synergistic efforts.

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