3 Tips for Being Consistent Through the Holidays

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TRAIN, EAT WELL, AND BE JOYFUL DURING THE HOLIDAYS. The holidays bring stress from social pressures, financial pressures, the feeling that you need to have accomplished something spectacular by the time the new year rolls around. It’s an event filled, alcohol consuming, schedule ruining, and sugar overloaded time of year. With all that said, the […]

3 Biggest Workout Program Mistakes + How to Fix Them

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3 COMMON TRAINING PROGRAM MISTAKES + HOW TO FIX THEM FIRSTLY… A training program should have PURPOSE. You’re following it for a specific reason, I hope… These days almost anyone can be a “personal trainer.” But let’s be real, just because someone does a workout themselves, likes it and puts it on their Instagram, or […]

My BIG Project reveal | The CWF Real life nutrition guide

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Everything you need to know about it! It’s been a long time coming….. and I swore I would never open that can of worms, or cross that bridge but here we are….  The first ever CWF meal plan and nutrition guide is finally here! 🎉🎉 50 pages of information and education written by yours truly […]