January 14, 2019

My kit

This is my personal insight and experience with these products. Please follow the link for additional information.


The Asics Noosa FF 2 is a smooth fitting race or training ready shoe with a design focused for triathletes. Several Asics specific tech features make this shoe a comfortable choice for most runners. This shoe is built for triathletes, but would still feel like a solid shoe for runners as well. This is my racing shoe, and what I use for sprints and hill sprints. I will also wear nothing else on a treadmill as it feels too heavy for me. This has been my favourite shoe since day 1, that I have it in 2 colours now.


After a few months of owning these, still the most beautiful colour to look down to while running. I wear these on my longer road runs, 45min or longer. I would describe it to “running on clouds” and “running on marshmallows compared to the Noosa’s. I do not like a heavy shoe at all, and I find this is a nice balance between a light shoe and a durable shoe for longer runs.


My dynaflyte’s will always have a special place in my heart, because I got them while at the Asics frontrunner conference in Amsterdam and ran all over Europe with them. The front runners were in love with this shoe, and so was I! Nice, soft and comfortable. I run in them maybe once a week, it’s a bit softer and not as durable as the cumulus, but as a trainer these are my work shoes. Easy to wear with everything, and soft enough to be on your feet with the whole day.