CWF Collective 4 week mini Challenge!



You’ve tried and tested my 8 week challenges but missed your spot with the last sign up! Here’s you second chance!

On the 9th of August we are kicking of with the first ever mini version, 4 weeks of sweating together and working hard!

During this time together we are going to be:

–          Changing our mindsets towards exercise forever

–          Sweat together virtually (on & off screen)

–          Get glowing from the inside and out

–          Build a community and connect with a bunch of like-minded women

–          Get to ENJOY and LOVE taking care of our bodies


This challenge includes:

  • Access to my fitness app, receiving your workouts straight to your phone.
  • Sets, reps, rest and timers built into the app.
  • 4 weeks progressive overload training program
  • Blend of strength, cardio, HIIT and yoga/stretching workout days.
  • Options to train 3 – 6 times per week (Make sure this program fits YOUR lifestyle)
  •  Professional exercise demonstrations.
  •  Warm up & Cool downs.
  • App based progress tracker
  • Community group on the app where you get to motivate, encourage and support each other.

ENTRIES CLOSE: Sunday 8th of August 2021

START DATE: Monday 9th of August 2021

Price: R399 for the 4 weeks – to be paid before the 9th of August.

Mindset – lifestyle – self love – community – education



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