CWF Collective program

Do you…

– sign up for all the gyms and classes in your area, but never feel confident enough to go to them.

– get overwhelmed & don’t know where to start on your fitness journey.

– write down all your fitness goals, but never actually take action on them.

– Feel guilty for always falling off the bandwagon after 1-2 weeks…

– not have the support and strategy to follow through with the goals you set out for yourself

Are you…

– on a self-love journey and ready to finally achieve your health and fitness goals

– hungry for more confidence

– feel like you finally want to get to a point where you make yourself proud

– ready to have more energy to spend with your family and friends

– ready to commit to get yourself physically stronger and mentally more resilient for everyday life

Imagine if…

– you actually reached all your fitness goals that you have set out for yourself

– you have your own personal trainer in your pocket for a fraction of the price

– you have an accountability partner to check in with before, during and after your workout

– you have full guidance and instructions to follow through every exercise, feeling more confident when performing exercises

This program will help you…

– set your personal fitness goals & provide strategies on how to achieve them

– Release mental blocks that has been holding you back from achieving your dream balanced lifestyle

– Learn how to exercise smarter not harder

– Learn proper & safe form

– Increase your confidence in the gym 

Simplify nutrition for you to make educated but not over complicated decisions

Lose body fat & build lean muscle

You are signing up for…

– 8 weeks of home/gym workouts 

– 8 weeks of app based online coaching

– Goal setting worksheets

– Mindset exercises

– Nutrition guide + ongoing guidance 

– Weekly FB lives in our exclusive FB group. 

– FULL support moving into 2020 to finally achieve your health & fitness goals!

Your investment:


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