“Carla was my personal trainer in Germany. She is a very committed trainer with a great deal of knowledge about training and nutrition. I wanted to loose some weight and become leaner and just more fit overall. Carla developed a personalized training plan and she also motivated me on days on which I didn’t feel like I wanted to train. The sessions were tough, but also so much fun. Before training with her, I didn’t know how to do some exercises and which would work best for what I wanted to achieve, but Carla was very patient and explained them to me very well. I can see a real change in my appearance now and I have become noticeably fitter. Without Carla, I wouldn’t have achieved my goals and I wish I could still train with her!”
Stephanie Jakobus
“Carla is the best Trainer you could ask for! She planned my Workout Plan carefully and explained me all the exercises so I could follow it in the right way. She worried about changing now and then to adjust my body needs and to not get bored. It was so much fun train with her!
Thamires Marihno
“Ich erhielt eine persönliche und intensive Betreuung von Carla und einen sehr effektiven und individuellen Plan. Ich wollte schnell abnehmen aber hatte nicht genug Zeit dafür. Mein Training hat max 40 min gedauert aber danach war ich komplett platt. Und am allerwichtigsten, mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden! :)”
Iana Nossrieva
I signed up for Carla’s first 8-week fitness (gym) challenge, and I loved every minute of it. In the 8 weeks, she went above and beyond with regards to guidance, and support. She takes a sincere interest in each of her clients/challenger girls, and her knowledge of nutrition and fitness is incredible. She shares, and give advice freely whenever you need it. She is a huge inspiration to me in my fitness journey and would recommend anyone to sign up for her challenges or PT services.
Ingrid Mangiagalli
South Africa
After having my baby end July I started with your challenge. I had a certain goal in my mind which I really wanted to achieve in a certain time. Your 12 week challenge helped me achieve that goal! With a newborn, exercise had to be quick and inbetween baby schedules and this was just it! Carla was so great checking in on us every week and giving us motivation to stay focused! I achieved my short term goal and lost 2.1kg and 14cm and the end of the challenge! A great person and a great challenge!
Natasha Bouwer
South Africa
Working on a yacht and not having access to all the usual gym equipment has made working out difficult and restricted. Carla was able to provide me with a routine that fit my schedule and available equipment, making it possible to follow a structured routine and not messing about as I usually did. Since I have been following her plan I have seen weekly improvement and feeling more energetic. I would, and have, highly recommended her to anyone who is looking to improve fitness, strength, weight loss or any goal to improve themselves.
Charl van Niekerk
Ich habe Carla in Stuttgart in meinem früheren Fitness-Studio getroffen. Als sie mir sagte, dass sie zurück nach Südafrika gehen würde war ich richtig traurig. Nicht nur, weil ich sie so gern habe, sondern auch, weil ich endlich den perfekten Trainer für mich gefunden habe. Aber mit den Carla West Fitness e-books, dem persönlichen Kontakt via E-Mail und Facebook war ich weiterhin super gut durch sie betreut und muss sagen, dass ich all meine Fitness-Fortschritte ihr zu verdanken habe. Danke Carla für dein Wissen, deinen Rat, deine Unterstützung und deine Motivation. Aber danke auch vor allem, weil du immer dran bleibst und uns Mädels richtig pushst, egal wo man wohnt! I met Carla in a German gym. When she told me, that she planned to go back to South Africa, I was so so sad. Because A, I really like her as a person but B I finally found my perfect personal trainer. Honestly I have to say because of her e-books, the personal contact via Facebook and e-mail, she still looks after me and my fitness journey and I feel so blessed for all of her knowledge, her support and her motivation. It does not matter where we live, Carla is pushing you trough and that’s why I love her
Elena Catalan
I had tried so many programs before, and nothing worked. I always started out really motivated, and then just lost interest and quit after a few weeks.
Carla's 12-week program and challenge was tough, but so rewarding and fun at the same time. 
I saw great results, and more importantly - I am more confident and motivated than ever before and Carla's workouts are now part the 'new and improved me'!
Tanja von Leipzig
South Africa
‘It is a pleasure working with Carla. She balances just the right level of motivation, hands off approach, and personal accountability to help you rise above yourself and feel as if you are doing the work. I have seen real changes and improvements since she has been constructing my workout program. I am on week nine now and can do exercises which I could not dream of when I was in week one.’